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Urgent News!

Dear Brother and Sisters,

As you are probably aware the company is changing/adding to our attendance policy and trying to stop you from getting Union representation.

They do this right when we are in Section Six of contract negotiations. Make no mistake: this is a direct attack on you! You may say, well not really, I have good attendance and I rarely need to see a Shop Steward. The reason you may not need to see a Shop Steward is because of all the work we do behind the scenes.

Day in and day out, your Union is fighting for your rights. We never stop. We get a lot taken care of so that it never has to come to you.  As for having a good attendance record; your good record in the past will mean nothing if you get sick today. The company will have no sympathy for you: I know I have seen it already.  With the additional policy added, it will be worse.

As it stands we already have the strictest policy in the company and now CS&S management wants to make it harder for you to use your sick hours.  Sick hours you have earned.

Also, don’t believe all the propaganda and so called facts (lies) the company is putting out about money troubles and bankruptcy.  It’s a concocted story the company is trying to sell you and scare you with to get into your pockets. If a member of management gets sick, what do they do. You got it! They call in sick and get paid.

Ask them if they have taken any pay cuts or better yet, any pay freezes. The answer to both questions is NO!  In addition, we have more management in all areas of the company than at any time in our history. Yet they want you to believe that all our labor cost is our fault.  Hog wash! Don’t buy it.

Every single contract the company has, with the different unions, was agreed to and signed by the company. They cost it out and know how much money it takes per contract, as it stands, each of the contracts they agreed to have cost them less than they planned, so they have saved money. Bet they don’t tell you that!

When I said this was an attack at you, I meant it. The only way they can get to you is to get to our Shop Stewards. They want to get rid of the Union and that is what they are trying to do. Again, we are all under attack. We need to stand together and fight back.

As I have said so many times, a Union is only as strong as its members. Today we are in a fight for our way of life, for our jobs, and for our very existence.  If we don’t stand and fight today, there will be no tomorrow.

I will stand corrected on one thing, the money issue. This is a money issue, YOUR MONEY!  If the company stops spending money recklessly; then I’ll listen to them. When management reduces its ranks; then I’ll listen to them. When management takes pay cuts; then I will listen to them. Not till then!

We encourage each of you to contact CS&S management and tell them this is the wrong path for the company to take. We encourage you to contact our District and Grand Lodge and advise them that these issues are first priority. All energies and focus needs to be directed to a quick and immediate resolution. We at the local lodge are committed to doing just that. Till then, stand strong, stand untied!

In Solidarity,
Larry Morgan
IAM Local 2210

Updated: August 13, 2016 — 7:11 pm
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