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The company has decided to create a hostile environment for the agents and the Union by imposing
unreasonable restrictions on our attendance policy and limiting our representation of the work
force.  Until these matters are resolved the Union is imposing the following conditions.
· No member of management is to engage in dialog or conversation with a shop steward until
they advise the steward (in person) to go into code 19 idle.  This includes but is not limited
to, Hearings, PIPs, discipline letters, and conversation about agents and any conversation of
· Management is not permitted to call a shop steward at home or cell phone pertaining to a
management/union issue.  Management has full knowledge of the shop steward schedules
and will need to adjust to meet their time at work.  If management feels the need to call a
steward at home, they will have to SWOS the steward for the duration of the call. No
texting permitted.  NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.
· Alternate shop steward can only be used at the discretion of a regular shop steward.
Alternate shop stewards will not be used for code 5 or 6 idle.  If management needs to use
an alternate steward for code 19, they must get permission 24 hours in advance from a
regular shop steward.  If 24 hour advance notice is not possible and management needs to
call a steward at home, they will have to SWOS the steward for the duration of the call.  NO
· The company has full knowledge of agent, shop steward and management schedules, and
as such will not be granted time limit extensions of any kind.  This includes but is not
limited to; PIPS, discipline letters, hearing notices, hearing dates and hearing results.  NO
At this time, because of the company’s contempt and ill will directed at the Union, the Union will
stand firm on our beliefs and defend our membership to our utmost ability.  It is the hope of the
Union that the company will see the error of its ways and embrace the Union a partner, not an
adversary.  Until then any spirit of cooperation is dead and Southwest management bears full
Letter to Management from Larry Morgan President
Updated: August 13, 2016 — 7:08 pm
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