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Brothers and Sisters, we are still under attack by our company.  Southwest management is not only continuing its ridiculous IOA policy but has started firing people under it.  We had a long time, valued member of our local lodge fired by Southwest.  The company did not even consider their overall work record, which they are obligated to under our contract.  They did not consider the member’s seniority which they are obligated to under our contract.  They did not consider their health issues which they are obligated to under our contract and the law.  THIS MUST STOP!  I would laugh if it weren’t so sad, when the company came out with this new website to inform you and tell you the facts (Ha!) about negotiations with the Unions.  This is nothing but an attempt to undercut the Unions.  All the Southwest Unions have penned a letter to Gary Kelly saying that they are opposed to this new site.  The company has gone so far as to state that they are going to try and work with the Unions, but they have done just the opposite.  They are still restricting our time with you and are now attacking the shop steward group.  I, personally have been threatened with termination hearings.  Not once but TWICE in the last year.  Even as I write this, I am under attack by Southwest management at headquarters.  We have some management at headquarters that personally singles me out and tries to have me disciplined every chance they get.  Well, I will not run and hide.  They know I will fight hard for you as I have for 22 years and they see me as a threat to their outlandish new discipline policies.  I believe in our people and I know what we are doing is right.  We, the frontline employees of Southwest, help build this airline and I will not let them take that away from us.  This will be and has been a tough fight but we are not alone.  Our Brothers and Sisters in Inflight support us as we support them.  We also have support from the other unionized work groups.  But I need YOUR help.  Please stand firm.  Stand tall.  Don’t let them bully you.  Don’t be afraid.  Come to your Union meetings.  Get involved, get active.  I recommend that everyone should contact our District Lodge president and tell him that we want the IOA policy gone, we want our shop stewards protected from harassment, we want to meet with our Union representative like we use to and we want our Brothers and Sisters, fired under these ridiculous policies, brought back.  When you send your e-mail, send a copy to me.  Both e-mail addresses are below.  Let me finish by saying, no matter what the company does to me, I will continue to tell you the truth, to stand by your side and to fight for you.  God Bless you all and God Bless our Union.

Larry Morgan, President

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Tom Higginbotham, District 142 President;  thigginbotham@iamdl142.org

Larry Morgan, Local Lodge 2210 President; larrymorgan2424@sbcglobal.net

Updated: February 22, 2016 — 3:17 pm
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