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The reason the Union discontinued negotiations and filed for mediation was because the company refused to hear arguments and negotiate in good faith on three basic issues.  Mike Ryan left out the other two.

  • Union representation: How many of you have asked for your steward to be present only to be told no? How many have been made to believe you must make a statement without your representation? How many of you have signed up to see your steward only to not be called in because we have exhausted our 5 hour limit?
  • IOA policy and attendance: Mike Ryan says the company wants to provide “industry leading” job security. We need to ask at least 100 of our fellow agents here at SC alone how secure they feel after the company has taken them to a hearing for IOA. Ask why CS&S is the only division at SWA who does not allow Doctor’s note to adjust an absence or a tardy. For job security we need to remember our fellow members at the airport who were reduced (laid off) after being hired within the past 6 months. No we do not feel very secure.


The District filed grievances on these two issues one year ago but the company still refuses to address the Union’s concern through the collective bargaining agreement.

  • Pay: Mike Ryan lists all the cool pay proposals but fails to mention they would be predicated on company profit as the company sees fit. Most of us remember the “stock option” scam. The stock price remained under $13.22 for years then when the stock was returned to the company on November 1, 2012 the stock price began to raise creating 10’s of millions of dollars for the company and thus denying all of us. We will not let our pay be subject to the good faith of the company ever again. One other note if I may. I wonder if the company priorities are exposed when they give us IDLE Code 676 to read Mike Ryan’s memo but will not give us idle to read the Employee Guidebook.


In Solidarity,

Larry Morgan

President IAM Local 2210

Updated: December 6, 2015 — 3:18 pm
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