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IAM International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers


We are the International Association of Machinists And Aerospace Workers
The Members of Local Lodge 2210 are employees of Southwest and United Airlines in San Antonio and Austin and employees of Allied Aviation at San Antonio Airport.


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Union members:

  • Earn wages, on average, 27 percent higher than non-union workers.
  • Are 54 percent more likely to have pensions provided by their employer.
  • Are more likely to have employer-provided health insurance benefits.
  • Have greater access to apprenticeships and training opportunities.

For more than 120 years, unions have fought for workers’ rights and the benefits so often taken for granted. Benefits like sick pay, leaves of absence, bereavement leave, holidays, vacations, retirement security and healthcare.

Most people define the Middle Class as being able to start a family, provide a home, maybe take a vacation once in a while, and if illness visit you or your family it doesn’t take everything you have worked hard for away.

Having a good wage, bargained for paid vacation, paid maternity leave, paid ill pay are not guaranteed by any US Labor Law.  The only way to ensure you work will help you weather life is to have a Union Contract.

In all “Employee Handbooks” without a Union; “ I recognize that my employment is “at will”  meaning that I may resign or be terminated by the Company at any time, for any or no reason”

Under an IAM Contract, “just cause” under the grievance procedure is required.

May voting in San Antonio

See bottom of Legislative page for voting recomendations

May Monthly Meeting

Agenda: Regular Order of Business
Date: Wednesday May 17, 2017
Time: 6PM
9502 Computer Drive #239
San Antonio Texas

Please note: excused absences must be communicated to President Lydia Roman prior to the monthly meeting by email:  

Lydia.romaniam142@yahoo.com (full details here)




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