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International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers

Policy and procedures for excused absence from monthly lodge meetings

To all Officers, elected/appointed Shop Stewards/Committee persons:

It is required that any Officer, elected/appointed Shop Stewards/Committee persons unable to attend the regular, monthly local lodge meeting must notify Local Lodge 2210 President Lydia Roman, at least 1 day prior to said meeting, either in a written letter or by email to lydia.romaniam142@yahoo.com stating the reason you will not be able to attend, or you will be considered absent.  Contact President Roman if there has been an emergency situation for special consideration.

As per


Section 1. (b)

In the event any officer of this Lodge, elected or appointed shop steward, and elected or appointed committeeperson, absents himself from two (2) consecutive, regular meetings without being excused therefore, and if there is no controversy as to the refusal to excuse being proper, such officer shall be deemed to have resigned his office.

Section 10.

All elected/appointed Shop Stewards/Committee persons shall be compensated for attending the meetings at a rate equal to but not greater than the amount of their monthly dues.  An excused absence by the President will be considered as attending the meeting.  The only excused absence for compensation will be Union Business, Vacation, or bereavement.

Updated: March 13, 2018 — 15:39
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